ETHICO encompasses the set of values pursued by V&V Group. An entrepreneurial philosophy rooted in our passion for garments made with extreme care.
From the careful selection of raw materials to finished perfection, ETHICO represents our sensitivity for the environment and respect for the consumer who chooses quality.
A product of quality, for a lifestyle of quality.

The Project

scientifically certified quality

The new SONRISA® ETHICO line is the first line of cotton shirts whose point of origin fingerprint is scientifically traced and verified by ORITAIN throughout the supply chain. This means that from cultivation to harvest, all the way to tailoring, each cotton batch used is constantly checked to ensure that it matches the one selected at the origin of the supply chain, and that it hasn’t been contaminated by other types of cotton. SONRISA® ETHICO shirts are made with a selection of superior quality fabrics with exceptional luster and softness in contact with the skin.


and the traceability of point of origin fingerprint

Cotton fiber quality and excellence depend on climate and local soil properties, and is defined by the chemical elements found in that geographical area. California is the ideal place: its climate and soil properties affect the quality and excellence of this plant while it grows.
ORITAIN is a certifying body that analyzes collected cotton samples to create a geochemical fingeprint matching the field where each plant is grown. This genetic fingerprint is carefully preserved.
Samples of yarn and fabric are also taken and analyzed throughout the manufacturing process, and are compared with the cotton’s point of origin fingerprint to verify that they match.


The shirt made with BIOFUSION® cotton fabric verified by ORITAIN

Each shirt is scientifically traced and verified from the field of origin by ORITAIN along the entire supply chain, from harvest to finished garment. Each shirt is made with the exclusive BIOFUSION® fabric by ALBINI 1876, obtained from American SUPIMA® extra-long staple organic cotton crops.


The point of origin

BIOFUSION® cotton fabric is made with American SUPIMA® cotton, spun by the best spinners in the world, woven by ALBINI 1876 and used by SONRISA® for SONRISA® ETHICO. SUPIMA® cotton is a particular cotton seed species grown exclusively in the United States, mainly in California. The superiority of SUPIMA® cotton, renowned for its very fine fiber from extra-long staple, lends itself to fabrics that are uniquely shiny and soft in contact with the skin. It is cultivated with cutting-edge technologies and attention to ethics and process sustainability. Thanks to mechanical harvesting, SUPIMA® cotton fibers are contamination-free, meaning that they do not come into contact with foreign particles at any stage throughout the supply chain. SUPIMA® cotton fibers have a fineness that gives the final product a more uniform appearance, retaining color even after multiple wash cycles.


Through a collaboration between SONRISA® ETHICO, ORITAIN and ALBINI 1876 comes the first SONRISA® shirt with a scientifically traced point of origin.

SONRISA® ETHICO welcomes the need for transparency and information expressed by consumers and responds with guaranteed fabric traceability. SONRISA® ETHICO has the utmost respect for the quality of SUPIMA® cotton point of origin and for the consumer who chooses a SONRISA® shirt. With SONRISA® ETHICO, traceable, mindful and informed fashion is now a reality.